Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday; a walk in the village;

On Saturday, Fabrizia and I went for a walk in the Eco Village; I walked, Fabrizia took her scooter as it is save there to use it, lots of small pathways and  practically no traffic...nor pedestrians. In fact it was so quiet, we heard the twitter of the  tiny honey birds in the trees and bushes surrounding the gardens...

Hello visitors, welcome;
It is a very friendly place where wildlife is welcome;
Whimsical art on pathways;

" is so beautiful and fun.."

I wished I had a scooter...

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continued tomorrow..


  1. I guessed that you lived near there. Do you live in the village as I have very good friends who lives there. Laila and George and they live on the corner of Mango Lane. Call in and say hello.

  2. Diane, I live opposite on the hill.

  3. Beautiful pictures Titania, congratulation.
    Greetings, Sandro & Cristina