Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday; versatile;

The versatile pumpkin, received from my neighbour Virginia;

Pumpkins  look beautiful, they lend themselves for decoration until the time comes to use them for cooking.
They grow in many colours, sizes and  forms.

What do you fancy tonight? 
A deliciously roasted pumpkin, skin and all?
A fine tasting pumpkin soup in the french style  or perhaps with a hint of cumin and ginger?
Not to forget a creamy pumpkin risotto with a handful  of  true parmigiano reggiano?
For dessert a luscious pumpkin pie, sweet  with a hint of spices and lashings of cream?

any of these and 101 more to use a pumpkin.

The time is here to scatter different  pumpkin seeds. I let them grow and spread downwards where nothing comes into their way as they  need a lot of space  to grow. 

Applause for the humble pumpkin.

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