Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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Photo/ baby water dragon; Physignathus lesueurii

This baby came around  when it was like a tiny stick, it grows at a fair rate and seems happy to stay around my pot plants.  Mornings at breakfast time it is warming itself, enjoying the sun, watching us with its shiny black eyes. It is such a thrill to have these creatures around. The same spot is sanctuary to a fat, small gecko, which was also arriving as a baby and sticks around, very fast and always hiding behind the pots. It might come out quickly when I am watering the plants. A baby lizard with golden stripes, I have not seen before,  hides itself between the plants and comes out to sun itself.

Many hiding nooks around the breakfast area for the little creatures. 

This tiny tree snake, not poisonous, wanted to get inside. It was not happy to be handled and put back into a  secure spot in the garden.  I am so glad my garden can be a little refuge for some wildlife.

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