Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday; once upon a time...

Lilli, a helping hand; 

I am sitting on  the grass and listen to the little birds and the sparrow calls me, Lilli  write a letter to your mother.

©Photos Ts


  1. This is so simple and sweet. My watering can is the same colour as Lilli's and my daughter found a little charm of a can of that colour which she sent to me. I have a picture of my daughter at about that age 'helping' in the garden, which I posted in an old Sepia Saturday post about red shoes. My German is not as rusty as I thought as I could understand most of Lilli's letter. On the other hand, I suppose that puts it at the level of a small girl!

  2. Marilyn, good memories are very sweet indeed. Thank you for your kind words.