Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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Wonderful Book Stores;

Baldwin’s Book Barn, West Chester, England
A place like coming home into your favourite room, cats waiting to welcome you...

Massolit Books, Kraków, Poland
Kraków , is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region, the city dates back to the 7th century.

Imagine sitting here, listening to the centuries, dreaming ...

Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal;
Divine neo-gothic bookstore considered the nearest to a stairway to heaven, opened in 1906.

Could any child or adult, resist those delicious reading nooks?
 Poplar Kid’s Republic, Beijing, China

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France

Browse and marvel,  books upon books upon books in narrow hallways, sink into a chair, bliss...

Underground book store in Coober Pedy, Australia

If you ever visit the outback town of Coober Pedy, do not miss to visit this unique book store.
The ceiling and the walls have the beautiful lining of red veined earth,  it is like being in another world.

I have always a stack of  new books I want to read, old books I want to read again or  browse for favourite passages. I have also a Sony reader, I buy books on line, BUT nothing ever will substitute the pleasure, the happiness and  the thrill, to be in a great book store to choose a book or more. to have them stacked up on tables and chairs to be ready to be read..and read again.
Read books you want to read not books which you think you must read.

Do not buy or treat books like fast food. Titania

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  1. I can see that you are one book lover Titania. Thanks for showing these impressive book shops. They are cool places to be.

  2. Stephanie, yes, I love books. Thank you for visiting.

  3. What a fabulous collection. If I could add one to your list I would nominate Waterstones in Bradford, Yorkshire which is located in the wonderfully restored Wool Exchange building.

    1. Alan,You are right, Waterstones in Bradford is a wonderful book shop. A fine building, the ceiling is beautiful. Well, it could not be used for something more appropriate then books. I did not know of it. Glad you told me.

  4. Fantastic! I didn't realize bookstores could look like these!! Thank you for posting these images. I also loved the pictures in your last post...I need to spend some time here.:)

    1. Kanak, you are more than welcome. Do you remember when we started blogging,Blotanical, that was fun.

  5. What a stunning selection of bookshops! The cats make the first one just perfect :)

  6. Le foto 1 - 3 - 5 sono i luoghi che amerei visitare e "possedere" !
    By Myriam :))