Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sepia Saturday 172; hiking;

My Mother hiking, her camera always went everywhere with her. Doesn't  she looks sweet  and happy in her hiking gear? The lyrics of a song say:'' Uf de Alpa isch äas herrlichs Läba  uf de Alpa isch äas schön!" Being on the alps is the best, it is a wonderful life!"  In the early 1930s 

This does not look like a hiking trip. Right, my aunt, who loved the work outdoors. This is in Murgsee where they had an alp to feed the cattle over summer on the healthy and  tasty grasses and herbs.They had  to do al lot of "hiking" to bring the milk to the hut where cheese and butter were produced.

Shoes and naked toes in the forground, 

My sister and I, right,  going on a hike. Here we are waiting for the bus to take us to a mountain village.

My three daughters loved to go hiking and sleeping at the shingle covered  "Alphütte"  (Alpine hut.)

Cooking the soup

Here we went with friends on a hike, had a rest and a cool drink in one of the mountain restaurants.

Meglisalp where we did a lot of hiking.

Berggasthaus Meglisalp. Whether you arrive after a hiking tour from Seealp, the Bollewees or Säntis: Here you can relax and enjoy a hearty dinner (try the traditional "Spätzle" noodles with fried onions and grated cheese, or a Bratwurst, generally the choice of the  girls. The Meglisalp is a beautifully located hamlet far away from the next city. 

Now it is time to hike to 


  1. I would enjoy a hike to your last photo too! What fun, your Mother looks great out hiking too. These are all marvelous photos and just perfect for our theme!

  2. A beautiful series of photos that definitely tell a story. Your mother looks happy and it looks a sunny day too. Gorgeous scenery.

  3. .........and your Mum looks every bit as pretty a Julie Andrews !

  4. I especially like the black and white photos.

  5. The workers are carrying such heavy loads, and up and down hills as well!

  6. I especially liked the 1930's photos which seemed to capture the age. They all reminded me of our lovely holidays in Bavaria and Austria,.

  7. I enjoyed your family photos so much!

    Kathy M.

  8. I always like to see pictures of your mother with her ever-present camera, but the alpine group look such a hardy and determined bunch that they steal the show this week.

  9. I enjoyed all of these photos! I have spent very little time in the mountains and don't really feel comfortable there, but I can see that this was a great pleasure for your family to enjoy the beautiful mountains.

  10. The fourth photo has some stunning scenery, and I can imagine the hiking was pretty strenuous.

  11. Majestic views of the region.
    Thanks for sharing these with us!!