Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sepia Saturday 177; Child's Play;

The beauty of childhood, anything goes to have fun to play...
Don't get misled by  the sepia pictures,these are my grandchildren at play,

Today's Children work on the PC, own an Iphone, play with the Ipad and Ipod and know what an Icloud is, but they still can play and have a lot of fun when the occasion arises.

Beach fun; 2010

In  the garden, 2011;

Sisters can  have fun together even when they are seven years apart.

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  1. Even the dog wants to join in the fun.

  2. Wow, you sure made my morning! Awesome look into our theme today!

  3. I love the gorgeous roses in your header. And you sure had just the right pics for this theme! Good one!

  4. Those are wonderful pictures - the laughter and fun are evident! Those upside-down sisters on the swings have a special talent!

  5. We've all done that on the beach, but usually by accident!

  6. What wonderful photographs - all very creative.

  7. Your observation about the joy of playing and turning upside down being universal is spot on! I love the photos and would love to have a flower-covered swing like yours. Absolutely enchanting.

  8. What super upside-downy pictures and so full of joy!