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Sepia Saturday 315; 30.January 2016

A Sunday, a stove , a cake and egg on my face;

The same cooking stove was used by my parents to cook, bake and keep the kitchen warm in winter. In summer my mother used an electric stove called Therma. It looked similar to  the one I used in my first home in the 1960s,

On Sundays my dad used to cook lunch and he also used to bake a traditional cake, called a Hefekranz (Yeast wreath)

Here is the recipe:
Yeast dough 400 g flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 80 g sugar  yeast (about 20 g) crumbled or a sachet dry yeast, 80 g butter, cut into pieces, soft 1.5 dl (150ml) milk, lukewarm, 1 egg 

Mix all ingredients plus yeast in a bowl. Add butter, milk and egg, mix, knead to a soft, smooth dough. Cover and  let it  rise until it doubles in size.

For the filling: 250 g ground hazelnuts, almonds or pecan nuts, ground,  100g sugar 1 egg beaten, 1 apple, finely grated 1 dl (100ml)  cream;  
Mix all ingredients in a bowl

 6 tablespoons apricot jam for brushing the rolled out dough before adding the filing. 1 egg beaten, for glazing the top of the wreath before baking..

Roll out dough on a little flour into a rectangle approximately 40x50cm,  brush with jam. Spread filling on top. Roll it up into a wreath. Lay wreath into the prepared pan. Let rest for around 30 min. to rise. Brush with egg before baking.
To bake:
50 min. in the lower half, 180 C ( ca.350 Fahrenheit). Remove from oven , cool slightly, remove from the mold, cool on wire rack.

Powdered sugar glaze
5 tbsp icing sugar
1 tablespoon water or lemon juice

Mix icing sugar and water, brush over baked wreath.

It was on a Sunday. Dad was baking a cake, when my mother ( she was a bit of a tease,)  took the  brush with the eggyolk and quickly smeared it all over dad's face. As fate was planing it,  just at that time I returned from skiing, it was a cold but sunny winters day. I opened the kitchen door  and I did not know what was happening but I had a brush with egg yolk smeared all over my face. My dad made big eyes  when he saw it was I instead of my mother. She had left the kitchen and he thought it was her who returned and entered the kitchen again. There was some explanation why I was the victim of this egg yolk assault. We all had a good laugh and it was a joke for many years to come. 

New Electric stove in my first home in the 1960s.

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Sepia Saturday 315 : 30 January 2016


  1. My mum cooked on one similar to that when we first came to Australia.

    1. I was common to have a wood stove and beside an electric or gas stove for summer time.

  2. We sometimes visited friends at their cabin in the mountains in the summer & I was always amazed at the meals we had - turned out on a wood burning kitchen stove - including cakes & pies! Being 'egged' so suddenly & unexpectedly must've been quite a shock! Good thing you all have a sense of humor . . . but that is pretty funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I cooked on a wood stove for a few years. If the electric part had worked, I would have kept it. It was great in the winter. Not so much in the summer. Beautiful stove!

  4. A great old stove photograph. Next time I'm in England and we visit my husband's family farm, I must remember to take a photo of the old stove there. Hope I haven't left it too late, as there are plans to sell the farm in the not too distant future, which will be sad but unavoidable. That wreath recipe looks good.

  5. Your egg yolk story makes a fun family joke to pass down. I'm afraid that wood stoves will soon be ancient history. I feel fortunate now to have eaten food made on my grandmother's wood stove.

  6. That is a beautiful stove. The yolk story had me in stitches.

  7. The old stove made me think of a torture device and reminded me of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

  8. Lots of fun was had in that kitchen for sure!

  9. Great family story. Stove photo is great. We had a similar one at the beach cabin we used to rent in the summer. We didn't use it for much but it was great to look at.

  10. That sounds like it should be from and I Love Lucy episode!