Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sepia Saturday; 139; dogs, great and small!

Dogs as friends and companions, have always been in my and my family's life.

My grandmother with her dog Bläss;

My father with Molly.

Myself with "Lumpi" and my sister Rose. (It was custom to wear black for at least half a year when somebody close died.)

My daughter J. with Boy.

Now it's Billy.


  1. Four generations of dogs! They should be part of your genealogy :)
    And the custom of wearing black, I believe today this is still only done by our (Dutch) Royal Family. For us common people that custom vanished I guess in the twenties/thirties of the past century.
    In any case, your family radiates love for dogs!

  2. How lovely to trace back your family's affection for dogsin this way. I think 'Lumpi' is a wonderful name.

  3. Looking at your genealogy of family dogs has inspired me to think about tracing the dogs in my family. Grouped together, the photos make a wonderful story.

  4. Such lovely photos of you and your family with their doggie companions - (wo)man's faithful friend :-) Jo

  5. Peter, thank you, There were and still are many dogs, all loved and never forgotten. It was 1958, I guess, it is not custom anymore in SWL.

    Marilyn, thank you so much for your comment.

    Wendy, thank you, around the Garden I have bush stones with the names of our dogs; ah here rests Bonnie!

    Imagespast, yes, faithful friends. Thank you.

  6. I've written a lot about dogs but have no pictures of those we had at home. Now I make do with my daughter's dogs - once a year in the USA - and those in the village where I live.

  7. You are lucky to always have had dogs in your family. We discovered the fun and companionship of dogs fairly late in life. Your photos radiate love.

  8. I enjoyed your dogstory. Must be so nice to have a dog walking around!

  9. Great to see such a long tradition of love between humans and pets.
    Give Billy a pat for me!!