Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday; a furry visitor;

Sunday morning,  eating breakfast I saw something  disappearing very very fast up  a palm tree. Billy was rummaging around, luckily he leaves the animals alone. When he was a puppy he took  small lizards in his mouth  but let them unharmed out again. This behaviour is unusual with a Jack Russel. But he has always been an unusual fellow.
Anyway, I went and had a look, I thought it was a Pheasant, as they always stick around  to look for nests with baby birds. When I looked up I saw a Koala  sitting on a palm leaf and holding on to the next.
At around lunchtime I returned to the palm tree but the Koala had disappeared. 

A little later I saw it going up a paperbark, but did not feel comfortable and left...

 walked all the way to the end of the garden and quickly climbed a  frangipane tree, which gave me an opportunity to snap a few photos.

It looked at me and then decided...

to climb over the fence into my neighbours garden, where it very fast climbed up a very high gum tree and disappeared  high up in the branches. Generally they live there and feed on the leaves.  But it was nice to see this  furry visitor. Usually they are very high up and it is hard to see them as they blend so well with the colours of the gum trees.

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  1. A lovely and soon to be rare visitor. It looks quite a big one. If they stay down low and in any kind of tree it usually means they are not well.

  2. Diane, this one was fast and made his way home up to the highest gum where he feeds. I think he is ok, just travels between the different gardens. He just used the smaller frangipane tree to get over the fence, I think he got quite garden wise around here.

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos. How fun to find a koala bear in your yard! I've always thought they resembled stuffed animals - they are so cute!

    1. Queen Bee, in a way they look like a teddy bear! They are very endearing animals.

  4. who wouldn't want to wake up one morning and find a Koala bear in their yard? How wonderful. Great post.

    1. Nancy, you are right, I am always thrilled to see them so close, because generally they sit on the highest trees to sleep!

  5. Good shot and how nice to have that koala right in your garden. I have to pay to get into the zoo at Perth to see that... enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna at your place ;-)

  6. Stephanie, yes, you are right, it is lovely to see them in the garden.