Thursday, 20 September 2012

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Dampiera stricta; Australian perennial; 

Yesterday I met Diane and Bill, blogger friends from some years back.  Link Adventure before Dementia;   We had lots to talk and laugh about. It was so nice to meet you; thank you for this lovely plant.
Today I am going up to Redland to a nursery. I have to replace some of my native plants in the garden. I will get a bigger pot for this one, as it likes to spread its roots! 

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  1. It looks pretty in the evening or is it morning light. I hope it lasts for a long time. I read somewhere that if you give a plant you will remain friends forever. I hope so. Good luck with your plant shopping.

  2. Diane, I look after it, it is so pretty with its blue flowers.I took the photo in the morning. That's a nice saying, and I hope it will work in our case. I went to the Lorikeet Nursery and I got a few nice Grevillias, a couple of punnets of trusted perennials and a rose called Love Potion, it has a wonderful fragrance. Take care.