Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday; for the birds...

New Grevillias for my garden;

When I planted my first grevillias there were not so many hybrids available. Some last long and some don't.

Yesterday I bought

Yamba Sunshine, an open, tall shrub 3m  yellow flowers,
Lady O,  short red flowers pointing downwards, quite exquisite,  1.5 m,
Sandra Gordon, with long, brilliant yellow flowers tall up to 3m, was always a favourite,
Coloundra Gem, salmon flowers 2m,  hope it will do well,
Honeybird pink, shrub to 1.5 m

When freshly planted they need  to be looked after and watered, once they start to grow well they will be quite drought resistant and just need a little pruning from time to time to keep them compact.

I also bought a Rose  for my tiny rose garden; "Love Potion"  has a wonderful fragrance. I grew this rose before.
A couple of punnets of miniature Zinnias for the herb garden, which will be flowering in the summer's heat  as well, while the Petunias have packed up and gone home!

©Photo/Text Ts


  1. I love Grevilleas . Take care of your back when planting them and I hope they grow quickly and last a long time.

  2. Never seen this plant before. Love to see how they look later. Btw nice colours!