Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday; Satire; my stinging pen;

Nature and its extraordinary beauty;   Bud of Hippeastrum flower, my garden, September 2o12

Oh, yes, my fingers are itching,  but trust me,  I am not to be taken seriously on Thursdays.
What shall it be today? The trash can is full and it should not be a problem to find a dirty deal to expose.
What about the crusades, they are in high favour with hoi oligoi.
The war drums are beating in high favour of invading an other country, the lies are  rampant, the noses are itching and growing every day.  
Hoi polloi has to be persuaded  to blow a fake  bugle and hate the “others”

The newest crusade is well on the way to conquer  what and whoever is in the way to the new world  order. Iraq and Afghanistan have already seen the power and violence of the crusaders riding on white phosphorus.  Even the little stretch of Gaza has seen the might of the crusaders, killing and destroying  to their hearts content. Go on you knights of  lust for oil, money, land, blood and power, sharpen your drones your nuclear warheads and prey to your gods to bless your hands dripping with blood of people who have not invaded your countries, killed your loved ones, stolen your land, your countries wealth, destroyed your countries ancient treasures. 
You have always stolen and plundered under a flag, called  for god and country, always send the poor lads to their death in the name of honour and democracy. There is no honour in warfare, in killing the other. There is no honour in dying for a country. The only honour is in peace and friendship.
 You have always lied and played the saviour when in fact you have been the destroyer.

1095 November 27 Pope Urban II called a great council of clergy and nobles to meet at Clermont in France called the Council of Clermont. He called for a crusade against the Infidels.

Now,  the pen is blunt, until next time.  Peace and Love, have a good Thursday.

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