Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday; Seville Oranges;

I walked down into the wild garden and saw that the Seville Orange tree was full with fat, round oranges, ready to be picked. Next day Fabrizia and I went to harvest the golden orange bounty.

We filled 2 buckets and she insisted to carry them up the hill,  home.  Her little arms straining, but her stamina  and perseverance did not let her give up, at it is quite a steep way up,  until she had them right at the door. They were standing around a few days as other task were on the menu.   I juiced them and cooked them into Jelly instead of Marmalade.

the big ones weighed 400 g 

I made 2 liters of juice, these were quite juicy, as generally Sevilles are not as juicy. 

The jelly turned out well,  a tart sweetness with a hint of bitterness. 

2 liters Seville orange juice,
1,2 kg white sugar, cooking time about 40 minutes. I think if one used commercial pectin the cooking time  would be around 20 min.
A small bag filled with some pips from the oranges, the pips help to produce the pectin.
The jelly just got the right consistency , perfect....I am amazed myself!

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  1. Well done! The oranges look a lovely colour. Your little helper did a good job too.

  2. Thank you Diane.They looked beautiful on the tree and were also very big,perhaps we had enough rain, then! I forgot to make a photo of the tree!