Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday; super lemons;

Lemons from Diane's lemon tree; each weighed 400 g, super lemons! 

Diane said:" The tree had gall wasp infection and had to be pruned and cut down under the graft. Generally  after that the tree produces "Bush lemons" quite rough looking. The tree grew back as a bush lemon with long thorns on its branches, but with these smooth, huge lemons;  a wonder of nature!

I had not made a lemon cake for a long time, so  these lemons came just at the right time to  be used to bake a cake with fresh lemon peel and the juice.

Lemon peel;
The lemon skin was very smooth it could not be grated, but the bamix does it quickly  and finely, as the lemons could be peeled easily without the white membrane clinging to the skin.

I divided the amount between two 18 cm round cake tins and stuck the two together with a light lemony butter cream, the cake was also made "drunk" with some lemon juice and icing sugar.

The cake is very light and luscious, fragrant with lemon juice and lemon peel.
I never use the full amount of butter and sugar, so it is not overly sweet.

The recipe is from an old Betty Bossi Backbuch.
I changed the amount of the ingredients and the look of the cake; the original has no filling  and is baked in a long cake tin 28-30 cm long.

Here is the original recipe with the amount  I used in (  )

"Drunk" Lemon cake;
250 g butter  (180) 
250 g sugar   (150)
5  eggs           (4)
3-4 tbl sp. lemon juice to make up for the fifth egg)
250 g plain flour
2 teasp. baking powder
1 pinch of salt 

mix butter and sugar until creamy, add eggs mix until light and fluffy, add plain flour and baking powder and pinch of salt. fill a long cake tin or divide mixture in two small round tins. The long tin needs about 50-60 min at 180 C, always check with a needle in the middle of the cake! The small tins need about 30 minutes together in the middle of the oven, also at 180 C.

"Drunk" ingredients
1 dl lemon 
100 g icing sugar
mix well together

Butter cream;  about 100g unsalted, best butter, icing sugar and lemon juice, enough to make a spreadable mix.) 

Make many holes into the cake with a knitting needle and pour the juice slowly over the cake to absorb.
It sounds a lot of work but it is actually easy and quickly done. 

©photo/text Ts


  1. Wow! That sounds delicious.I must get Bill to try that recipe when the next batch of lemons are ripe. I have never heard of making a cake drunk before. I learn something knew today.

  2. Diane, it is very light and delicious, despite the butter cream. It is an old Betty Bossi recipe. If you do not want the butter cream I always can e-mail you the original recipe.